OUR PRODUCT PHILOSOPHY – The focus is on people

Efficiency, durability and safety form the core of our product concept.
Just as natural for us are high-quality materials, use of the latest technologies and attractive surfaces and shapes.
We attach particularly great value to comfort and practicality. Cleaning equipment is often used daily and should therefore feel good and be easy to use. It must be easy to carry and store. Unpleasant odours and excessive noise are things of the past.
Independent private persons test each of our new products in depth before we approve it for the market. If despite all this the customer still has problems, our internal technical Customer Service will provide help over the phone - promptly, willingly and unbureaucratically.


Our motors and control elements undergo standardised endurance tests that simulate a service period of at least 10 years. Materials must pass breakage tests, surfaces must be non-fading and wear-resistant. Our developers, independent private households and institutional establishments use each new product as early as in the prototype and/or pre-production phase so that any weaknesses can be discovered and corrected prior to sale. We monitor production, conduct inspections at the production facility and check once again before we receive the product at the delivery warehouse. So that the finished product arrives undamaged, we use drop-tested packaging that contains the minimum of plastic inlays, thereby benefiting the environment. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Cables are always a trip hazard. That's why we chose the signal colour red. We also highlight control elements in colour in order to allow intuitive handling. The red cable runs like a red thread both through our range and through this catalog.


With HEPA filter media, the air blown out is cleaned by filtering up to 99.95% (H13) or 99.995% (H14).
The air sucked is nearly 100% free of household dust, pollen, dust mite allergens, mould, spores and odours.


The Soft Sound Design removes uncomfortable peak tones and reduces the noise level. Perfectly balanced motors, advanced damping materials and sealing procedures are used here. Most of our vacuum cleaners are already within the maximum 80 dB limit that will be required by law as from 2017.


High quality, multi-layered coatings offer both a sophisticated appearance and high resistance to impacts and scratches. Very small gap dimensions not only provide an attractive look, but also enable trouble-free function and leak tightness. Chemically safe, high strength and thermally resistant plastics and corrosion resistant metals guarantee high durability and shapes without sharp edges.


As from 1 September 2014, the EU is introducing an energy label for vacuum cleaners. It makes important performance features of the appliances transparent, so it offers helpful orientation for a vacuum cleaner purchase. The values on the energy label that can be read at glance (energy efficiency class, cleaning class for carpets and hard floors, sound volume and dust emission class) make selecting the most suitable appliance easier. In the design of our appliances, we work in essentially two steps. First comes fitness for use. For this reason, we pay so much attention to meeting the demand for good dust collection, clean air discharge and low noise. In the second step we optimize energy consumption without compromising function.

Minimum requirements:
< 62.0 kWh/year
< 1,600 watt capacity
≥ 70% dust collection, carpet
≥ 95% dust collection, hard floor


Thanks to its ergonomical shape and rubberized surface, our Ergo-Soft handle fits perfectly in the hand. Thanks to its length and combined with a telescopic tube, it ensures that even taller people can vacuum clean upright and without stooping. The integrated air bypass valve enables the suction power to be reduced quickly and easily when necessary. The hose attachment is protected by a high-quality kink protector.
The easytouch® telescopic tube has a sleeve with which the length is adjusted steplessly and particularly smoothly. It consists of coated steel and is practically indestructible. The handle and tube can be locked firmly and securely by a user-friendly click connector.


We use high-quality universal floor nozzles that are optimally tailored to the equipment and that guarantee not just optimum dust suction but are also smooth, quiet and superbly well made. The vacuum cleaners in our core range include 28 cm-wide XL hard floor nozzles. These allow sensitive parquet and all other types of hard floors to be cleaned gently but thoroughly. Particularly when vacuum cleaning along edges and in crevices, the nozzle offers advantages compared with switchable universal nozzles. Its narrow shape also makes it ideal for awkward locations.

Seit mehr als 65 Jahren produziert SEVERIN Elektrokleingeräte mit dem Anspruch, Ihnen das tägliche Leben so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Deutsche Qualitätsstandards in Verbindung mit einfachster Handhabung definieren den eigenen Anspruch. Unsere qualitativ hochwertigen Produkte bringen Genuss in den Alltag und erleichtern Ihnen die tägliche Arbeit im Haushalt.